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Moving with Pets

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moving with pets

We have many clients with dogs and cats that are moving to a new home. Here are some tips on how you can make the move easier for your pets.


Decrease the stress by maintaining a predictable daily routine of feeding, exercise, play, training and downtime.


While preparing for the move, keep boxes and suitcases out of sight. Pack the pets sleeping area last, label the box, and open it as soon as you get into your new home. Carry a water bowl and food for your pet for 2 days in your car. If you want to buy a new crate for your pet, do that while you are still at the old house so they have time to get used to it. Avoid introducing a new bed in a new home at the same time.


If your dog or cat seems overly sensitive and anxious, it is advisable to have someone care for your pet while you are packing and dismantling your house.


During the actual move, the dog or the cat should be securely confined or out of the home to avoid anxiety, injury or escape. Our team at Best L.A. Movers, is pet friendly. We have no problem having cats and dogs around. Most dogs seem to be “easy going” while we pack. They hang around for a while sniffing the boxes and move on.


It is best to match the time of your departure from home with a time the pet is normally sleeping or playing. The same technique is used to introduce new pets and people. The basic principle is to associate all that is positive in the pet’s day with the new people in the household.

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