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How To Save Money On A Move With Best L.A. Movers

April 10, 2014

    * Get Rid Of Excess Stuff


        This is the time to give away or throw everything what you won’t need. You can also organize a garage sale a week before the move itself to cover some of the expenses.


            * Being Prepared For The Moving


                Best LA Moves generally charge by the hour for local moves, so anything you can do yourself will save money. This includes tasks such as dismantling and reassembling beds, and taking care of any connections and re-connections of appliances such as washers or dryers or refrigerator ice makers. Consider putting all boxes in the garage, and having the movers place them in the garage at your new location.


                  * Emptying The Fridge


                  Do not buy a lot of food the week before the moving day. However, make sure you have some food and beverages for the moving day itself. The day before your move, defrost the fridge completely.


                  * Decide What Goes Where


                  When packing your stuff, mark your boxes with the name of the room into the new place to make it easy at the delivery location. Decide what piece of furniture goes where in advance to save time when you are using Best L.A. Movers – save money.




                  Study: More People Moving West, South

                  February 22, 2014

                  The nation’s largest moving company tracked migration patterns for 2013 and found that more and more people in the Northeast are leaving to head out west or down south. Steve and Alysa Sanzari-Hall left their suburban New York City home 16 months ago. “There’s a sense of hustle and bustle and pressure the cost of living is much higher,” Alysa says of New York City. So they moved to a mountain home in the foothills of Golden, Colorado, just north of Denver. “When we came out and we met the people and there was a sense of sincerity and calmness.” The couple is part of a growing trend. The moving company United Van Lines found more and more people are trading New York and other parts of the Northeast for places down south or out west. Oregon topped the list for the most inbound traffic. Colorado was number eight. According to the study by United Van Lines, New Jersey topped the list of places people are moving from, followed by Illinois and New York.


                  By Jericka Duncan


                  February 4, 2014

                  Here are some of the many benefits you can expect to receive from using Best L.A. Movers full service storage:

                • Door to door service
                • Guaranteed pricing for loading, driving and unloading time. No Surprises!!
                • Fully secure, clean and climate controlled facility
                • Access of your items available upon request
                • No additional charge for moving pads.
                  • For more information about our full storage services please call us today. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be glad to assist you.